About Us

We looked into the world of custom figures by initially focusing on collecting official figures within specific themes. However, our path took an unexpected turn when we discovered the customs community. After investing a considerable amount in custom figures, we realized that rather than being collectors, we could be creators, providing high-quality figures to a passionate audience.

‎What began as a passion project soon evolved into something more significant. Our first project involved UV figures, which we collaborated on with our friends in Canada, known as @millionprints on Instagram. This experience introduced us to the two primary printing methods for custom Lego minifigures: UV and Pad Printing. ‎ 

‎For our next project, the Flame Flyer project, we partnered with @coruscant_customs_official on Instagram for outsourcing and @pandabrickcustoms handled the resin printing of the heads. We took care of the airbrushing and hand painting in-house which resulted in a successful project that exceeded our expectations.‎ ‎ 

‎With a commitment to improving our craft, we decided to invest in our first pad printer, the TTN HP120 from Automark Co. After months of refining our techniques and finding time for creative endeavors, we launched our first "Drop," which was well-received.‎ ‎ 

‎Encouraged by the positive feedback, we continued to release more figures, which allowed us to invest in our second and final pad printer, the HP 200 UNIVERSAL. Since then, we've remained dedicated to delivering exceptional custom products with each new release surpassing the last!